Crystal Foretia
Sep 19, 2017

Rural Hospitals Can't Take Drug Prices

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According to Scientific American, rural hospitals are forced to buy drugs at full price due to an Obamacare provision. Scientific American says a "25-bed hospital pays $8,010 for a single dose of Activase — up nearly 200 percent from $2,708 a decade ago. Yet, just 36 miles down the road, a bigger regional hospital gets an 80 percent discount on the same drug." Rural hospitals are a part of 304B discount program, but they cannot get discounts on rare disease medication (Orphan Exclusion). How should the government address this problem? How should drug discount programs be restructured for hospitals, if at all?


Rachna Shah
Sep 19, 2017

The last minute orphan drug exclusion does negatively impact rural hospitals and their patients, and in my opinion, should not have been included.

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