Hasan Farooq
Sep 7, 2017

Pakistan:country with talent,lacks proper educational system


Edited: Sep 7, 2017

Well, it's surprising. One one side, Pakistani Students clinch top positions in Cambridge Int. Examinations and make world records every year. One the other side, however, it's a country with barely a 40% literacy rate. Another Surprise! After graduating from colleges and universities, Pakistani Talented Students don't try any thing new. WHY? To understand this, we have to the History of every student.

> Firstly, Pakistani Educational System spent huge amount on Education. Many students get laptops, scholarships, living cost and even solar powered electric devices. However, the Curriculum is not good. Instead of moving with the time & technology, the students excel at past concepts. United Nations stated that Pakistan is 60 years back in education system, when compared with the 21st century

> Secondly, in some areas, the girls aren't allowed to study claiming it is what Islam says! Islam, however, emphasizes the importance of Education.

> Thirdly, every student is victim of Fear! That's why everyone tries to somehow enter the Best Medical or Engineering; only a few ones get selected. Although the selected ones are thought as Intelligent and Talented, they actually even don't know what they want to do in life.

All this results in the waste of talent! Only a few students are able to take Right Path and the results of those few are Really Shocking! Some get perfect SATs, some make A Levels/O Levels records, some get into top Universities of world etc. It is just like 90% traffic is on one road and some of those (10%) explore and take some other road to drive freely!



Like every year: https://tribune.com.pk/story/1160600/cambridge-results-record-setting-year-pakistanis (Resource)


It is not the fault of any student, however. Every parent wants their child to be Doctor or if not Doctor,Engineer, without realizing not everyone is made to do these professions. In school, the students read the books that actually are written some 5-10 years back. The university admission criteria aren't very good. After you get into university, the opportunities aren't provided, except for the top colleges. Many people don't send their children school and make them part of Child Labor.

That's why Pakistan needs to change its Educational System which ensures that every one gets a good equality education, and a system can provide a variety of Interests/Programs in a modern curriculum.


At last, it doesn't mean Pakistan is an average country. It is still one of the powerful and advanced countries of world. It's just you can't progress if you look the people behind you.



Rachna Shah
Sep 7, 2017

Thank you for sharing this with us, Hasan! Which programs would you recommend that a more modern curriculum institutes?

Hasan Farooq
Sep 8, 2017Edited: Sep 8, 2017

I think that Curriculum should be interest based. If a person wants to be an Actor, he shouldn't be handed over Calculus etc. Instead the curriculum should be TOUGH, but in ones interest field. Also, the basic skills like Communication, Speaking, Math, Science, Writing etc. should also be taught at some level. Unfortunately, there's no such educational system ( I Know Of).

Rachna Shah
Sep 8, 2017

That would be a really great system. When should one choose a curriculum in their educational track? Would it be possible/flexible to switch later on?

Hasan Farooq
Sep 9, 2017

I think flexibility should be there. The educational track should be started following in high school. Say. a person likes Computer Science, Math, Computer Science, Thinking Skills, Problem Solving, Machines or any thing like this should be his/her curriculum. Or if any one is interested in more, he/she can Relate Computer Science with any science, sketching (comics etc.) or even cooking! Now, it is far better than having a COMPULSORY combination of Computer, Physics etc. It will keep Youth happy! What else we need? If youth is happy, society is. Secondly, youth now a days is competing with each other without knowing that Everyone is Different! This leads to suicides, depression, ego, and many other things.

Rachna Shah
Sep 10, 2017

Yes, that is true. Being more accepting of differences in educational pursuits will hopefully decrease the pressure on today's youth.

Rina Cakrani
Oct 20, 2017

'If youth is happy, society is. ' I like that

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