Kya Chanlevitz
Jul 18, 2017

Should we rename "Feminism"?


Edited: Jul 18, 2017

I've noticed that the word "feminism" itself has earned itself a negative connotation with a hefty amount of people. According to Merriam Webster, feminism is defined as 1. "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes" and 2. "organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests". However, because of the first half of the word, many people misinterpret it into thinking feminism is promoting an ideal where women should be held above men aka misandry. Of course, feminism was a term first penned during the movement for women's suffrage, hence the reason for it using "fem-".


Someone suggested that the word be changed to something more neutral in order to diminish the incorrect connotation and gather more supporters. I personally prefer "feminism", as there is still a need for the empowerment of women, plus simply the history of the word. Thoughts?

Esther Brito Ruiz
Jul 27, 2017

I don't believe changing the name "Feminism" to another is a correct route to take. The word is fundamental in the need to recognize the inequality women have historically faced and still do. Any word that refers to a change in societal power structures will be beat down and ultimately have negative connotations to some extent, precisely because existing structures will automatically renegate from it. My belief is that feminism, both in concept and mission, represents a fight for equal rights that will not be without opposition, but ultimately has achieved great things, and is fundamental to the rights I now have. What I do think is important, is to breach the division within the feminist movement; as I don't believe that equality can ever be achieved without intersectionality. Issues pertaining transgender rights and the rights of those who do not conform to the gender binary, issues pertaining racial discrimination, and issues regarding religion, must also find themselves within feminism.

Jacqui Guerra
Jul 29, 2017

I've heard people use the phrase gender equality in place of feminism. As we all know, feminism (at least, in my definition) is synonymous to gender eqaulity. However, there are those who only associate the word with the betterment of women, or as some people think "putting women before men," causing some to misinterpret its definition. I think that gender equality might be easier for people to associate with equality between any and all genders, though it may be redundant. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to cleanse feminism of the negative connotation some see with it, even while its values are still valiant.

Bhavana Ravala
Aug 5, 2017

I think the problem with the word feminism is the rise of third-wave feminism and feminazism, which sometimes do border on misandry. In the United States and other first-world countries, the word feminism is outdated, but in the rest of the world women's empowerment needs to remain the main focus.

Kya Chanlevitz
Aug 5, 2017

Yeah, I think people sometimes having a hard time trying to distinguish feminists from radical feminists, or feminazis, which in turn only hurts the feminist movement even more. Like with every belief/ideals system, in the spotlight, extremists tend to end up representing the whole.

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    Sorry but this one going to be a bitter pill for South Asians. So, take it with a grain of salt.Growing up in Pakistan, I have always felt irritated about the "so called grace rules developed in the whole of South Asia" If you're a man, you may find this read useless because these rules don't affect you. I don't need to say anything about these rules, just have a look and decide yourself : Women have no right to speak against Men. Husbands are always superior to Wives. Women have to feel sorry even if they don't a thing. If some sexual harassment/violence happens, it's because the women wants it. Women can't do jobs because they were made to stay in homes. Girls can't get education because they are responsible for homes. Being a women, you shouldn't ask for divorce. If I go on the list is long...... So, lets stop here and discuss the issue. A major part of this issue is the Religion . Most of the South Asian population have developed the thinking that God/Allah/Bhagwaan made Men superior. Firstly, there's no religion in this world who gives such a lame statement. Even if there is, it can never be a true religion. Now, I am going to state the exact verses from your holy books/religious teachings for you below. Teachings of Hinduism here . Muslims teachings here . Buddhism teachings here . If you agree with the RESPECT these religions give to women, please share the message with others to save our future generations from this curse ! I don't mean to be rude but we all need to remove all these misconceptions to make world a better place to live, a place where everyone is treated with respect, respect, and equal respect .
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    At the present day, an important issue in under-developed countries and developed countries alike is gender issues. Especially,in under-developed countries, there are many people who lack education, due to the political situation of their country, and thus believe traditional norms and customs, exacerbating the problem of gender discrimination. Many local organizations and international civil society organizations have been trying to change the community and social norms. However, there will be many people who won't change and can't change their mindsets. Some traditional norms are based on religions. In Myanmar, 60% of population is from the rural areas and approximately 50% believe in traditional norms and customs, increasing the problem of gender discrimination in Myanmar.  Thus, with increasing development, Myanmar needs to prepare now for new challenges that will have an impact on gender equality: economic integration, domestic and international migration, rapid urbanization, new information and communication technology, and population aging. I believe that feminism is the equality between men and women and the equal responsibilities and opportunities they must have.  Those are my opinions. I warmly welcome any comment and feedback!  Aung Myo Htun (Kelly)  Myanmar
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