Justin Mahamat Ngome Paul
Jun 2, 2017

An Angry Cameroonian: Why Africa??

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Why can't Africans be able to self-govern in the interest of their own people. Why must it be the cycle of corruption and the blaming of colonialism for our nations sinking in abyss. It's purely ridiculous that so many African countries are so backwards and dysfunctional despite them being flooded with resources. Your land is blessed with natural resources but you fight among each other due to trivial ethnic differences without any reasoning. All this while the Europeans, came and exploited your lands while you were such imbeciles killing each other. I don't blame them. I would've capitalized off of your own stupidity. Resources have been underneath your feet in your lands but you've failed to capitalize on it's wealth. You could not exploit it for the good of your civilizations to advance without colonialism modernizing your lands. You will wallow in pity and misery at the expense of the West, if you don't change your ways of thinking. I know many Africans are advocating for the vacuous idea of " Pan-Africanism", but realize Africa's problems will not solve itself just because corrupt states mixing with developed states have formed one fabricated union.

Crystal Foretia
Jul 20, 2017

As someone whose parents were raised in Cameroon, I can understand your frustration. My mother and I have discussed the social divide between Anglophones and Francophones in Cameroon and how the former has protested the government's unequal treatment. My mother and her African friends protested at the United Nations headquarters months ago to put an end to the violence. The struggle has gotten so bad that schools are being shut own and the government has shut down the Internet in English-speaking areas. This tension is unsurprising, however, since President Paul Biya has been in power for decades, yet many Cameroonians grew resentful with his ineffective administration.

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