Carolina Ranfagni
Jul 20, 2017

Corruption spreads in South America


From Perú, to Brazil and Argentina leaders are mostly corrupt; the question is wheter a candidate is more or less corrupt than others. Sometimes politicians are punished and involved in trials and sentences, like the recent cases in Perú and the current case in Brazil with Dilma and Lula. But at the same time, a huge cloud of doubts appears when clearly corrupt ex-presidents aren´t judged for their offenses, which is what is happening in Argentina with ex-president Cristina Kirchner, who is currently running for Congress. In Brazil, the same thing happens with Lula, who is also running for office.All these events, make the people lose faith in the current government and the state. Where are the check and balances if major crimes go unpunished?

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    In the Rakhine state of Myanmar, there has been an ongoing humanitarian crisis with the military conducting a mass deportation and extermination of the Rohingyan Muslim minority under the rule of Aung San Suu Kyi. Multiple human rights organizations have called it a genocide; while Myanmar has refused to give the UN access to the current crisis, thousands of Rohingyan refugees have witnessed the atrocities that have happened on their flight to the Burmese border. Although the Myanmar government and military have been criticized countless times, refugees are still tortured and killed every day. What are some steps that the international community can take in order to prevent the exacerbation of this crisis? Sources:
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