Rachna Shah
Aug 7, 2017

North Korea Vows Retaliation


In response to the UN's latest sanctions against North Korea, the country has vowed revenge. These sanctions aim to reduce North Korea's export revenues by around 1/3rd, increase travel bans and asset freezes, and ban new joint ventures with North Korean entities or individuals, among other measures. In response, North Korea asserted that it will make "the US pay the price for its crime...thousands of times." Spokesman Bang Kwang Hyuk said that: "We affirm that we'll never place our nuclear and ballistic missiles programme on the negotiating table, and won't budge an inch on strengthening nuclear armament."


What do you believe will be the outcome of the most recent sanctions against North Korea? What do you believe will be North Korea's response (if you believe they will respond)? How should the international community and individual countries react and respond?


Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40846959

Emily Ficker
Aug 9, 2017Edited: Aug 9, 2017

I believe that Trump's "fire and fury" reaction only added salt to the wound. It's disconcerting to see the United States show an utter disregard for diplomacy in times of friction (30% budget cut proposal to the U.S. Department of State.) In an effort to prove himself as a tough, macho leader, Trump is only inching the U.S. that much closer to the threat of nuclear war.

Rachna Shah
Aug 9, 2017

I do agree that Trump's "fire and fury" statement was not the best words that could have been said, though I don't believe that we're approaching nuclear war any time soon.

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