Nicholas Clague
Sep 28, 2017

The Intentions of the DPRK


Despite rising tensions, a conflict on the Korean peninsula is not likely to take place. The current regime in the DPRK only has one goal in mind: survival. Any conflict with the United States will end in the complete devastation of North Korea and the toppling of the current government, a fact readily understood by the North Korean regime. However, regardless of the economic and political pressure to stop its missile building, the regime will continue its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the capability to strike countries around the world. As Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated, North Koreans will “eat grass" before giving up their nukes. The DPRK has watched as Iraq and Libya, under Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi respectively, have given up their pursuit of WMD only to then be deposed by US forces. The Kim regime understands that the sole way to win a seat on a world stage and deter any foreign aggression is to become the 10th nuclear state. The idea of a nuclear North Korea is one that the international community must come to accept, much like it has in regards to Russia’s annexation of Crimea or China’s pursuit of island building in the South China Sea. Only from this standpoint can discussions between the United States, North Korea, and the international community begin.

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  • Aung Myo Htun ( Kelly)
    May 29, 2018

    The U.S diplomatic group have been trying to artange the meeting between Kim Jun Un and Donald Trump. Why North Korea is important for U.S? Is is the election committment? or Does Donald Trump try to get attention for coming 2020? or Does US really want peace between US and North Korea?
  • Aung Myo Htun ( Kelly)
    Apr 2, 2018

    Supposedly, I heard some news about Kim Ju-Un , who is a leader of North Korea tried to transform gradually deal with South Korea and U.S. Unlike former leader, Kim has abnormal thought on political behavior. So, now currently, according to some meeting with China and South Korea , is might be fake or political reformation for civil ? It is very interested , we all have to wait the results of US- North Korea meeting and responses of Russia and China.
  • Aung Myo Htun ( Kelly)
    Mar 28, 2018

    Donald Trump accepts invitation to meet North Korea's Kim Jung-un. Most of politicians think that that is the great meeting between US and North Korea. Some of politicians think it might be political illusions. Anyway, most of countries like Japan , South Korea and some ASEAN countries hope that it would be the great time after meeting. What are your thoughts on this case? Please share !!