Rachna Shah
Aug 3, 2018

The Contexts of Privacy


How do you maintain your privacy at home?

  • At school? Work?

  • On the Internet?

  • When using Facebook or other social media sites?

  • When you travel, including internationally?

  • When talking or texting on your phone?

Mathew Krick
Aug 4, 2018

Reflecting on your questions, the reality is that there is really not much privacy in this day and age.

Rachna Shah
Aug 4, 2018

What are your thoughts on that reality?


Valerie Gregorio
Aug 14, 2018

I usually don't post personal information online like my address or my phone number for example. At home, school, work, or travel, I only give out my information when I actually need to, especially when I'm filling out important documents. With talking or texting by phone, I would usually give people my contact information if I trust them.

Aung Myo Htun ( Kelly)
Sep 9, 2018

Regarding to your questions, privacy may have four meanings such as defensive privacy, human right privacy, personal privacy and contextual privacy. I think your question refers to personal privacy. For me, I always care of all of my personal data which is important or not. Mostly are changed to as a softcopy or photo into my cloud drive and I keep it.

New Posts
  • Rachna Shah
    Aug 14, 2018

    Does a person's right to privacy depend on their status?
  • asaperstein1
    Aug 17, 2018

    All the time people lament the access the government has to our phone calls, text messages, and internet activity. They think their are certain boundaries as described in out "right to be let alone" that should preclude the government from this activity. I understand why someone may not want a coworker to have this access, or even a friend or a family member. But what exactly do people feel they need to hide from the government? The government does not care about your personal relationships or communications and would only really look into these communications if they indicate a threat or some form of violence. In my opinion, the access the government has to my communications is a very small price to pay for increased national security. I believe we must surrender this degree of privacy for the collective good. Does anyone think the government should have little to no access to our online communications?
  • Mathew Krick
    Aug 14, 2018

    - What defines the boundaries of privacy? - Should governments hide data or information from the public? - Are privacy and transparency mutually exclusive?