Aung Myo Htun ( Kelly)
Mar 21, 2018

What would be the interest of Saudi Arabia on Yemen war


I heard the news about Yemen War that happend for a long time. Especially,i heard the Saudi Arabia supported the opposition groups that attacked to Yemen Government,but I am not sure. In that place, most of buildings have been destroying and most of children like 10 yrs old , 13 yrs old children have to come in the war and they try to fight and attack the Yemen government. Regarding to the child rights, UN should stop that the children are trying to be a troops of those groups by using guns. They have lack of child rights and if they not join, they are forced by killing themselves.


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  • Grace McCollum
    Dec 20, 2018

    Jamal Khashoggi, a Turkish journalist who wrote for the Washington post was brutally murdered on Saudi Arabian soil due to his criticism of Saudi Arabia. The fact that it was within there jurisdiction to deal with Khashoggi as they saw fit may or may not play a role in the debate. President Trump has publicly stated that he is not satisfied with the murder of Khashoggi but has not taken any further action towards this tragic death. Saudi Arabia is an important ally of the united states and we need them as well as they need us. I do not believe that we should of cut ties with Saudi Arabia but I do believe the president could have done a better job of communicating with Saudi Arabia about the death as well made it clear it is not okay to take someone's life no matter where they are a citizen.
  • Abdur Rehman Bajwa
    Dec 14, 2017

    I think the Crown prince want to diversify the Economic resources, with the help of U.A.E and Qatar models. As well as he wants to tightens his grip on State machinery. This should be seen their tensions with Iran and possibly open diplomatic love with the Israel. These reforms would take 10-15 years to gave positive image to the world. In the long run I think these reforms are not like glasnost and perestroika that can became danger for the house of Al-Saud.
  • Mayank Karnani
    Jan 11, 2018

    Adding to ideas, I believe that while understanding the politics of the region, it is also important to factor the economics. With oil playing the major role in the developments, here is an interesting article that talks about the impact of latest anti-corruption drives on the oil policy of both the nation and the Saudi Aramco.