Mar 24, 2017

Voting to Repeal ACA

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Edited: Mar 24, 2017


The new healthcare plan that was introduced by Paul Ryan and House Republicans has been criticised by many, even Republicans, to be an inadequate replacement for the Affordable Care Act. The president ordered to have them vote on a repeal today, even though there aren't enough votes yet. The new plan is not a sufficient plan to cover Americans and it seems to me as something that Ryan and House Republicans scrambled to put together considering it was a huge campaign point of Trump's. They obviously need more time to work on it and a vote to repeal the ACA could further divide the Republican party, as well as Congress as a whole.


Thoughts on the flurry of confusion regarding the vote to repeal the ACA?


Update: Question is still relevant, however voting will not take place today or any time soon. Pretty sure the proposed bill was scrapped.

Rachna Shah
Mar 25, 2017

In my opinion, in order to fulfill their campaign promises, many Republicans drafted a rushed version of a replacement healthcare bill - especially as it was recently the anniversary of the signing of the ACA. However, healthcare is a major cornerstone of the country. It is not something that can be hastily repealed and replaced, especially when it disadvantages so many Americans. It took months and years for the ACA to be fully fleshed out and developed and carried out, and the same should apply to the Republicans in their venture to modify healthcare. The American people need to know how the federal budget and their own coverage will be impacted by the proposed bill before it is voted on by their representatives.

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