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Question: Is Healthcare a right that should be mandated and provided by the state?

Healthcare on the State Level: Written by Elaine Li, Texas

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to healthcare, as a public good, not a commodity. Therefore, healthcare is undeniably a right to all human beings regardless of race, status, or class. However, healthcare is not omnipresent in the United States.The majority of American citizens under age 65 are currently insured, however, there are 28.4 million people that are uninsured. The United States government has taken steps to try and alleviate the situation. For example, the Obama administration released the Affordable Care Act to help provide incentive and a way for the uninsured American citizen to receive health benefits. While the ACA has reaped in benefits, the act is still lacking.

The ACA is restricting every single state and citizen to comply to same healthcare situation as ev...

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