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November 6, 2016


In November of 2008, a 47 year old man, with bright eyes glistening with unadorned appreciation and a youthful face teeming with the abrupt, unconceivable moment felt by all Americans, one that cannot be forgotten in the collective memory of this union. This moment astonished and persevered; broke a norm and revived something latent underneath the American surface. Barack Obama, the soft-eyed, grinning senator from Chicago, wore a dark suit as he stood on stage, addressing the movement alive and emotional before him. Barack Obama had just won the presidential election, and was the first black man, and person, to do so. It is a moment we cannot reject as irrelevant to the crooked, bloodied tapestry of American history. The moment that yes we can shapeshifted into a fragile reality rather than a far-off pipe dream.

The year is now 2016, and we are in an election just as remarkable, but for most of us, in a far more negative way. The majority of America...

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