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September 1, 2016


Exploding your classmate’s locker is an unconventional way of befriending him. Usually when you want to make friends, you invite them to parties, chat about the recent episodes of Breaking Bad, or play World of Warcraft together. It would be even more peculiar if you desperately need his help to finish your homework; ruining his locker to induce his cooperation is probably a bit “rude” and ineffective. Well, Russia just did that to the United States. And few people seem to be caring much. In fact, the U.S government seems to be willing to work with Russia regardless.

According to the Washington Post, Russian air force in Syria bombed Special Operations facilities jointly run by American and British elite special forces in June. The strike came just a day after the British commandoes evacuated the area, resulting in the deaths of at least 4 Syrian rebels. It was alleged that despite repeated warnings from U.S Command Center, Russian air force bombarded th...

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