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August 20, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia and representative of the Liberal Party, intends to privatise Medicare. He proposes to change the system of Medicare's payment network. As a consequence of this, an estimated 1400 jobs is predicted to be at risk. This new system of Medicare places Australians in a great disadvantage and with a sense of insecurity. Health care, therefore, cannot be privatised.

The Australian Prime Minister has already cut down on the Medicare budget by $650 million and this number would continue to increase alarmingly in the future. This directly affects the amount accessible for bulk billing. As a result, people who are medically diagnosed and require Medicare in order to access medical equipment such as MRI, X-Rays, CAT scans and mammograms are majorly disadvantaged. They would be deprived access of it and would be compelled to terminate their medical treatment as a result. This places them in great danger and at a large risk. Need should be prioritised o...

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