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Most people are familiar with Hasbro’s popular children’s toy, Mr. Potato Head. Whether you’re an avid Toy Story fan, or encountered upon product in your childhood, most can recall the various arms and legs, noses and mustaches, that created the appeal of a destructible toy. Other companies have similarly followed suit, with Mattel’s famous Barbie Doll equipped with thousands of various removable outfits to date, as well as Polly Pocket’s removable hairstyles and body parts arriving in 1983. These toys all have one thing in common; they call upon the innovative spirit of mankind that yearns to perfect not only his surroundings, but himself. It’s the same instinct that drove the homo erectus to migrate out of Africa into Southeast Asia 1.6 million years ago, as well as the reason that your next door neighbor just had plastic surgery to narrow the outline of her nose. It is evident in any pool of age, gender, race, background, or ethnicity; consciously or not, we are all striving to make...

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