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As an aspiring physician, I think a lot about curing people that are sick or in pain and being able to help those in need. However, I typically only think about these things in a first world situation. Since I have lived my whole life in the continental United States, I have become accustomed to health care always being there for me. However, on a recent trip to Cambodia, I visited a local village where I was shocked by the poverty people lived in. Of course, I have read history textbooks and been lectured to about the Khmer Rouge, and learned why the majority of the population lives in such conditions, but I felt very removed from situation until I actually visited. Seeing people buying food from local markets that were housed outside, on a dirt surface, in 100 degree conditions and without proper sanitation was horrifying to me. These villagers could barely afford to feed their families with incredibly unsanitary food- how on earth could they afford health care? I quickly reexamined...

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