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As Argentina is trying to come out of its economical instability and show progress, one thing stands out: the fact that both the "villas miseria" or ghettos and the gated communities don't appear on Google Street View in Argentina. One because it is considered dangerous to go there, supposedly because only criminals live there; the other out of fear of the aforementioned criminals. How ironic that those places that don't appear couldn't be more different from one another. In the middle stands the middle class, which is neither poor nor rich, but nonetheless is the only one that appears in Google street view. The other groups live in their own bubbles, isolated, and their paths rarely cross. As the gap between rich and poor expands, I ask myself how we can change or improve and not become a society that is disconnected and selfish. If we don't change we are doomed, not just a group of people but everyone. We live in a free country, not different ones.

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