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December 3, 2016

I, Colin Kruse, witnessed the panic and commotion of one of the most devastating acts of terrorism perpetrated this year. It was a windy July night on the Mediterranean. I was studying French in the beautiful city of Nice for an entire month. I stood on the Promenade Des Anglais watching the Bastille Day fireworks with my fellow students: ten Americans, two Brazilians and one Briton. After the fireworks show, my group split up, and I was with five girls near a deejay booth on the promenade.

Around 10:30 p.m., I saw people running in the distance along the stone beaches below me. I heard no screaming or gunfire, but I immediately panicked. Soon, the people around me began running, too. I joined them. Without any idea of what was happening, I cut through a side street to return to the Lycee Massena, the school where my group was staying. The feeling of running for my life was so surreal. A girl running next to me asked, “Is this a terrorist attack?” As I tried to get back to the Lycee, I...

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