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In March 2011 a bold statement appeared on walls in Darra, a small Syrian town near the border with Jordan: "The people want to topple the regime!" The irate secret police detained the 15 boys suspected of painting this graffiti, brutally torturing them to check if a subversive element was instigating rebellious movement. What started as a demonstration to protest the deaths of these 15 boys soon expanded to demand the ouster of Assad; when the government responded with violence, a full-fledged civil war broke out.

The international community needs to address the ongoing Syrian Civil War by bolstering the ongoing peace negotiation and eliminating the IS. To address the increasing number of refugees, nations have to agree on the accommodation of Syrian refugees. An exceptional diplomatic tact is crucial in ending the war in Syria since the conflict is turning increasingly “grey”: with both sides overlooking civilian casualties and committing crimes against humanity, it is neither wise no...

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