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How does it feel to know that you, in this moment, are living in a social bubble? Let that sink in for a moment. You, and I, are so unwillingly ignorant of this world, so blatantly protected from the things that mainstream media doesn’t want us to see, that the divisiveness that we find in our current society is natural. How can we expect to live in a society in which opinions are not refuted if our cultural and worldly awareness is so restricted? Facebook alone has more than 1.7 billion active users. This becomes an extremely significant number when you understand that 61% of millennials use Facebook as their source for political news (according to Pew Research). Regardless of this, Facebook has yet to acknowledge its status as a news source, concentrating its resources on increasing engagement rates. This means that our very own Facebook feeds are created based on past clicks and likes. So, why is this significant? The unique algorithm that makes Facebook generate these posts to stim...


Drugs. Let’s decriminalize them. Why? Because we are now living in an era where young people are exposed to drugs earlier than ever before, and these illegal substances surround us, causing more and more of our youth to adopt the dangerous habit of drug consumption. The problem of drug consumption is one that governments are trying to battle, and have been doing so since the sudden boom of drug use during the 1970s. The same question has been asked for years: How can governments reduce drug usage in its youth, the future of our society?

The answer is quite simple, yet highly controversial: Drugs should simply be decriminalized. And how do we know this? Take the example of Portugal, a country whose drug policy far outstrips any other’s. 16 years ago, Portugal made the radical decision to decriminalize all drugs, from marijuana to cocaine. Some may call the resolution absurd, highly risky, or unpredictable in its outcome. However, Portuga...

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