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Question: Does the Media have a Positive Impact on Society?

The Impact of Media on Today's Modern World Cannot be Undermined: Written by Hussein Usmanrch, Pakistan

In the recent years media has faced extreme criticism and has been a subject of a huge debate. With the Trump government’s clear views against the media due to its hard approach on his policies and ideas as one example, it is clear that  many political leaders don’t go well with such mainstream criticism. Analyzing today’s societies reveals that the influence of media has become greater than ever. From social media platforms, whose authenticity can be questionable to mainstream media channels and programs that are run by seasoned journalists and are backed by intensive research, we can easily comprehend that a broad spectrum exists when it comes to identifying its role as either positive or negative.  

Let’s probe in a bit deeper on why today's free media is the biggest accountability agent, that creates a p...

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