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November 7, 2016


It is frightening and hard to imagine that there will be a new president in the next week, especially since one candidate is a misogynistic egomaniac and the other withheld emails that concerned the safety of the American people. However, what is more alarming is the fact that, according to NASA, carbon dioxide emissions are up 404.42 parts per million, land ice is decreasing 281 gigatonnes per year, and sea levels are increasing 3.4 millimeters per year. Climate change is a pressing threat to the entire world, and the next president of the United States will have substantial power over America’s role in climate change.

Historically, the Democratic party has been more proactive in the urgency of fighting climate change than the Republican party, mostly due to the fact that more democrats believe in climate change than republicans. As we can see in this election, Hi...

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