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September 21, 2017


In previous weeks Bridge the Divide has placed a specific focus on the role politics plays in academia. Several of you have shared your opinions in the discussion and in the live ambassador roundtable held last week. To close out our exploration into the topic, Kymberley Chu explores different reasons why there is an increasing political polarization in academia and what some are doing to combat it. 

Concerns about the political polarization within academia have become inescapable in recent years. Intellectual diversity in higher education promotes a variety of ideological viewpoints that may solidify our critical thinking skills and open ourselves to others’ rationals. However, the majority of liberal professors in most educational institutes may exert an echo chamber that prohibits this growth. According to Nicholas Kristof, most universities lack tolerance towards ideological and religious beliefs. In fact, the Pew Research Centre reports that 58% of Republicans...

From the Barcelona terrorist attack to the killings of innocent students in Peshawar, Pakistan, the globe has been plagued by numerous terrorist attacks. According to the New Yorker, the deaths as a result of terrorist attacks have increased nine-fold since 2000. The emergence of religious extremist groups such as Al Qaeda has provoked fear and violence, exacerbating political instability and socioeconomic disruption in the globalized world. The major presence of terrorism in the modern world has promoted counterterrorist policy formulation worldwide. Intergovernmental offices such as the UN’s Office of Counterterrorism and social initiatives such as Life After Hate are just a few examples of how groups all over the world have dedicated themselves to combating terrorism in the 21st century. In our first Deep Dive, we will closely inspect terrorism in the 21st Century and the rise of Counterterrorism as a response to this growing global threat.

Terrorism Basics

In order to truly understan...

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