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On Thursday, July 21st, 2016, Paypal co-founder and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel took to the stage of the Republican National Convention, delivering an emphatic speech aimed at praising the virtues of now-President Donald Trump. The uniqueness of Thiel’s presence came by means of the fact that he is an openly gay man, a rarity at the famously right-minded convention. Even more interesting was his endorsement of Trump, a point he justifies in depth throughout his speech, something that caused the liberal portions of the LGBT community to write him off as a traitor. However, the point in bringing forth this speech is not to contrast Thiel against the stereotypes of the gay community, but to reiterate a certain phrase that Thiel brings to the podium. When speaking about the efficiency of decision-making and Congressional progress, Thiel laments the fact that the “great debate” is currently the “who gets to use which bathroom,” to which Thiel asks “Who care...

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