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September 29, 2017


Recent discussions on Bridge the Divide have centered around the North Korean threat of nuclear war, what the global response should be, and  how to deal with Kim Jung Un as a leader. Diplomacy with China, US, and other actors have also been widely discussed. In her follow-up, Maria Martin urges us to remember the real people suffering everyday at the hands of the Kim regime. 

Following Donald Trump’s statements at the UN and the apparent unstoppable missile race of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean issue has become one of the most searched terms on Google in the last months. The massive public interest, along with the tense situation in the region with regards to the trial and impact of several rockets in Japanese territory, has placed the Kim Regime in an international relations hurricane.     

North Korea long been the subject of academic studies and a main issue of concern in international analysis. Nonetheless, the missile program seems to h...

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