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Over the past few weeks, Bridge the Divide has turned its focus on religious divides that exist globally. In the BTD: Converge conference we ran a panel discussing different ways people are divided both between different religious groups and between religious and secular groups. As part of an ongoing attempt to increase interfaith dialogue and understanding a group of ambassadors have joined to share their thoughts and experiences regarding religion.

Christianity - Jeffrey Che, Maryland:

I believe that religion brings people together, but there is a cutoff point. Religion can help people develop morals, but when stark differences exist between people with different religious backgrounds and values, they clash and remain close minded.

Judaism - Jac Guerra, Connecticut:

My hometown, like many other southern New England areas, is mainly Catholic with a much higher concentration of Jewish representation than other areas. It wasn't until I started getting involved in media that...

The women in the villages of the Democratic Republic of Congo have never forgotten the plights of massive and repeated waves of rapes, sexual violence, and gender based violence (GBV) that have been imposed since the advent of the liberation war in 1996.  Rape, sexual abuse, and GBV have remained an indelible scar in their minds, hearts, and bodies. These atrocities have been the prolongation of harsh domestic traditions that are weighing on women and girls as the society is a strong paternalistic community. The women worry about their country’s political development as the government often rejects the people’s will.

In 1996, Dictator Mobutu was replaced by Laurent Desire Kabila, and from that time, war succeeded war. LDK proclaimed himself president upon reaching Kinshasa until January 16, 2001, when one of his bodyguards shot him dead. During his presidency, LDK affirmed that elections would not be possible for two years, arguing that he needed more time to restore social order in the...

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