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Driving home from classes one chilly December day in 2012, I watched my mom’s eyes water as she started to explain the violence that had occurred in Newtown, Connecticut to my sister and I. Just a thirty minute drive from my home, I am sure she felt fear that this could have been her own kids, anger, and confusion. While neither my sister nor I was in public school at the time, I had been considering traditional school for quite some time, and the incident hit uncomfortably close to home. As more information came out about the tragedy, the media tried to identify the cause of the shooting, or what could have been done to stop it. Mental instability and psychological health awareness, gun control and background check failures; all of these were potential failure points for those seeking answers. But the most confusing and frightening to twelve-year-old me was that Adam Lanza was homeschooled, and homeschooling communities in Connecticut were accused of bringing up gun-lovers and those w...

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