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Question: Which side is right in the Israel-Palestine conflict?

Pro-Israel, written by Noah Redlich, California 

There is an overwhelming consensus in the United States that it is crucial to have a pro-Israel foreign policy, but what exactly would that look like? This question is a source of huge contention that divides Jewish communities, political groups such as J Street and AIPAC, and ultimately, Washington’s politicians. Should we be more assertive in the Middle East? Can we afford to criticize Israel’s government yet still remain their strongest ally? By expressing concern about Palestinian rights and Israeli settlements, do we perpetuate anti-Israel and ultimately anti-Semitic sentiments around the world?  

For almost two decades, neoconservatives in both parties have argued for regime change in the Middle East, whether it be in Iraq, in Libya, or in Syria. Hawks like Dick Cheney, William Kristol, and John McCain have repeatedly stressed the need to implant American-style democ...

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