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When every President comes into office, they automatically have many standards to be measured by-- the previous Presidents. How does a Republican president hold up against Ronald Reagan? How does a Democrat do compared to FDR? And what about each president’s immediate predecessor? These days, it is rare to see two presidents of the same party get elected consecutively, so when Presidents come into office, they are always held against a predecessor who they most likely did not even agree with. President Donald Trump is no exception to this pattern. After coming under fire for attacking former President Barack Obama on his birth certificate, ISIS, Obamacare and unemployment, Mr. Trump finds himself constantly compared to the 44th President, and he has striven to come out on top in that comparison. However, our new President has attempted to make himself look better by taking the same numbers he discredited during the Obama administration and using them to boost hi...

November 6, 2016


In November of 2008, a 47 year old man, with bright eyes glistening with unadorned appreciation and a youthful face teeming with the abrupt, unconceivable moment felt by all Americans, one that cannot be forgotten in the collective memory of this union. This moment astonished and persevered; broke a norm and revived something latent underneath the American surface. Barack Obama, the soft-eyed, grinning senator from Chicago, wore a dark suit as he stood on stage, addressing the movement alive and emotional before him. Barack Obama had just won the presidential election, and was the first black man, and person, to do so. It is a moment we cannot reject as irrelevant to the crooked, bloodied tapestry of American history. The moment that yes we can shapeshifted into a fragile reality rather than a far-off pipe dream.

The year is now 2016, and we are in an election just as remarkable, but for most of us, in a far more negative way. The majority of America...

July 28, 2016

Recently, I watched New York senator, Adriano Espaillat's speech through C-SPAN in Philadelphia. Even though I am an international student and I don't understand Spanish, I was moved and inspired by his speech. As an illegal immigrant, he finally turned out to be a Congressman and then a Senator, proudly serving for the states. But lots of children of illegal immigrants, with legal citizenship, are not treated equally. I believe that the United States must do something to save them. 

For so many years, polarizations in the U.S. between parties split Congress apart and blocked the government from making long-term, effective actions towards domestic and international affairs. When President Obama attempted to change the current situation with immigration, Republicans quickly opposed the executive order and criticized Obama's abuse of power. Nowadays, nothing can be done in federal government level regarding the issue of immigrants. Since evidence has shown that nothing can...

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