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As the so-called “siege of Qatar” by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries intensifies, major global figures are taking a hard look as to why this whole fiasco occurred in the first place and many opinions on this issue are dividing the world. Even the country where I come from, the United States of America, is visibly torn on the diplomatic crisis.

Let us consider one of the charges that the Saudis have accused the Qataris of committing: donating large amounts of money to fund Islamic extremist groups like The Muslim Brotherhood. Just a few days ago, President Donald Trump praised Saudi Arabia for their inflammatory accusations, saying that Qatar has “historically been a funder of terrorism at every level.” However, just hours ago, it was revealed that former US Attorney General John Ashcroft had been hired by the Qataris to clear their government of these claims that they consider to be totally baseless. While all of this invective being hurled from both sides...

June 30, 2017


The recent diplomatic blockade ‘organised’ by Saudi Arabia and its allies actually shows the staunch vulnerability in the gulf region. The series of events bubbling up one after the other in quick succession is quite hard to digest. The pivot point of the circus of events was an alleged statement given by the Emir of Qatar which triggered a backlash from Saudi and Emirati media outlets. The Qatari government denied the claims, claiming that their national news agency, QNA was hacked. However, shortly thereafter, what is perhaps the most shocking diplomatic blockade of the recent times was drawn on the Qataris. Citizens residing in these countries were given a two weeks ultimatum to leave Saudi Arabia and its allied countries, flights including Etihad airways, Emirates etc. were abandoned in the region and all the diplomatic officials were removed from Qatar. 

This was not an impulsive reaction, but rather a result of tensions built up for qui...

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