"The ideals Bridge the Divide upholds are political diversity, political tolerance, and commitment to a collective future for every nation. No matter what your political views are, we want to ensure our message gets across around the world."

"More and more today, young people are willing to listen and get engaged."

Thrive Global (6/6/17)

"Thus, we founded Bridge the Divide We wanted young people all around the country, and even the world, to experience the kinds of eye opening conversations we were able to have with each other. The divides that are plaguing the international political landscape are not sustainable. In order to create real solutions to global issues, we need to be able to build bridges and start communicating with one another," Nevins said. 

Teen Vogue (4/22/17)

"[Clara Nevins] founded the organization, Bridge the Divide, which seeks to end political divisiveness by hosting live discussions for teens of all over the world, and worked on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. "'I believe our generation will be the ones who will turn the divisive nature of politics around,'” said Clara. We’re glad girls like her are leading the charge."

The Huffington Post (2/18/17) "It’s Up To Young People To Bridge The Political Divide"

"We realized that understanding and tolerance can lead to a productive conversation, and that was exactly what our culture was failing to do. Why is this so? We see it in our parents. We see it in our media. We see it in our leaders. Quite simply, this intolerance is ingrained in society and our heads from day one. The minds of young people, supposedly malleable, seemed to be reflecting the bad attitudes of our elders. We were just as stuck, fastened, and fixed in our ways as they were. We knew that this needed to change."

"Nevins is doing just that with digital savvy. Concerned about the nation’s unprecedented political polarization, Nevins (a high school fellow with the Clinton campaign) teamed up with Joseph Touma, a conservative senior at Huntington High School in West Virginia. They started an organization called Bridge the Divide with the goal of promoting political tolerance and openness to a diversity of opinions among young people."

"A Huntington High School senior says the answers to America’s political problems won’t be found in the voting booths this November, but only because some concerned voters are too young to be there."

"Bridge the Divide publishes op-eds written by high schoolers on topics ranging from global warming to refugees to tax policy. The site hosts a live discussion each week, including a discussion during the final presidential debate that garnered 1,600 comments. An ambassadorship program allows students to represent Bridge the Divide in their own high schools."

The Larchmont Chronicle (9/1/16) "Bridging the political divide for teenagers around the world"

"In a time of political divisiveness, Windsor Square resident and Marlborough student Clara Nevins has created a platform to openly discuss politics and opposing points of view. Together, she and her friend Joseph Touma launched the website, Bridge the Divide, in the beginning of August, and  hundreds of people have participated so far."


“We want to promote tolerance of political thought between Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, insiders and outsiders.”

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