Burundians vs Americans: How We React in Response to Political Tensions


The citizens of Burundi did not create a divisiveness as in the case of the US, but achieved the inverse and were united. They all saw the vices the President has, and what kind of consequences his election would bring to the country: insecurity, a lack of respect of Human rights, a decline in the country's economy etc. They became united to fight for democracy and a profound respect for the constitution.

A lot of people died in that battle, and more are being imprisoned, kidnapped then tortured or killed for what they are aspiring for: peace and justice. Before, there was a disguised partiality for the either the Hutu or the Tutsi. During the protest, and the period that followed up to now, there were no more ethnic groups, there were one people, Burundians, all ready to act against what they believed was wrong. They understood that for the well being of everyone, women, children and men, regardless of where they come from, those distinctions should be put aside and fight for what is right. Now, I am comparing to what happened to the US and wonder what better case would be?

#DaniellaIneza #Burundi #unity

The opinions expressed above are solely those of the author, and in no way reflect the opinions of Bridge the Divide or its affiliates.

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