Study in Pink: An Analysis of Governor del Mazo's Proposal

After having bombarded every citizen with phone calls, propaganda, and billboards exposing their hypocritic smiles and false promise mottos, the State of Mexico now has a new governor, Alfredo del Mazo and thus new future actions. Last Sunday, the State of Mexico held elections. With no surprise, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) won for the 92nd time since 1925. Angered with this result, I decided to research about what is yet to come.

After reading about the “great promises” from the new governor to the State of Mexico, one in particular caught my eye: giving a bimestral pay (‘Pink Salary’) to Mexican housewives. This Pink Salary is a debit card which will give housewives 1,200 Mexican Pesos, approximately 65 US dollars, every two months.

At first, it sounded fair to me and probably to more than half of the Mexican population as well, but after a deeper analysis, I concluded that the Pink Salary was simply another tactic to gain votes. This “great financial help” is nothing more than humiliation. Under this service, women will receive one dollar per day and 13 cents per hour for eight hours of work. This payment is three times less than the national minimum wage, which is 4 dollars per day. Has Del Mazo realised that even the minimum wage is not enough for a Mexican to live in dignified living conditions?

Del Mazo argues that “women work at home and take care of their children 24 hours daily for seven days a week, and nobody recognises their work. That is why we, the PRI, are going to help them with this Pink Salary.” I quote again “...and nobody recognises their work.” Is Del Mazo implying that giving hardworking women 13 cents per hour will recognize their unpaid daily work? I do not deny the fact that this will help housewives, but the Pink Salary is not enough, as it gives less money to women than the Mexican minimum wage does.

As Del Mazo has recently been elected, I wonder if he will fulfill his word or if he will simply leave his promises in the air, just like every former State of Mexico’s PRI former governor. There are more and more questions that need to be answered, such as under which circumstances can a woman apply for the Pink Salary card?

I would like to invite my fellow international peers to discuss two other questions: What would you think or do if the government of your country starts giving ‘Pink Salaries’? Do you believe that 65 dollars can make a difference and recognize the work of full-time housewives?

#salary #womensrights #mexico

The opinions expressed above are solely those of the author, and in no way reflect the opinions of Bridge the Divide or its affiliates.

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